Membership - Social Democrats

Almost a year after the launch of the party we are giving our supporters a chance to become full members. This is your chance to support the party as we grow, to become one of the first members as we start the Social Democratic movement in Ireland and to input into the future direction of the organisation.

Membership Fee

The membership fee is a minimum of €10 per year (or €5 for unwaged members). We suggest an amount €20, which will be split 50/50 between the national party and your local branch, but the amount you pay is your choice.


By clicking Submit on the application below and paying the membership fee, you agree that you:

  1. Are over the age of sixteen
  2. A person resident in Ireland AND/OR An Irish Citizen resident anywhere, including outside Ireland.
  3. Are not a member of another political party active in the Republic of Ireland.
  4. Assent to the party pledge
  5. Assent to receiving information from the Social Democrats head office and your local branch through the contact information that you supply


Contributions are not tax deductible.