Idea Box - Social Democrats

Idea Box

We know that our members have many ideas on how Ireland can be improved, how our core policy areas of 'honest politics, fair society and a strong economy' can be implemented - it's why you joined the Party.
We know from talking with many of you that you can see where the problems are across society, the economy, public services, cost of living, and approaches to creating a fairer Ireland.

Would you take a few minutes to tell us what your ideas are?

We've asked a couple of simple questions below - with short word counts - which ask you to outline the problem or issue, as you see it, and if you have a suggested solution, to outline it.

The party Policy Committee, elected from the National Council, will go through these and come back to you. Some we will be able to look at quickly, others may take longer. Hopefully we will able to put people who are interested in particular areas in touch so that they can work together to build evidence based solutions to the problems we see.

Thank you for taking the's only.together, that we will build a better Ireland.

What's the problem or issue, as you see it?

What issue bugs you? What do you see as a problem that you think the social democrats could address? This can be a local issue (from which we might be able to ask parliamentary questions) or a regional or national issue. It might be small or large scale.