About - Social Democrats


Welcome to the Social Democrats – a new force for change in Irish society.

The Social Democrats are setting out to launch an ambitious and exciting opportunity for real change in Ireland, and in Irish politics. We aim to provide a space for people to unite and work towards a society where every person has the opportunity to achieve their potential.

The demand for new and better politics is palpable. We are asking people to join us, to help build a Republic of Equals.

The party is founded on the core principles of Progress, Equality, Democracy and Sustainability.


We believe that a strong society requires a thriving economy, high-quality public services and vibrant communities. This means supporting Irish SMEs as well as international businesses in creating good jobs. Our public services must be accessible, provide high standards of service and run efficiently. We must support communities, foster creativity, culture, sports and the arts.


We believe in a society where every person has the opportunity to reach their potential. This needs long-term investment in communities and social infrastructure. It requires the protection of human rights, civil and religious liberties, and a free media. And it must see the on-going progress of economic, social and cultural rights across society. 


We believe in competent, inclusive and open government. This requires a political system and culture that promotes transparency and accountability in political and administrative decision making. The current system must change so citizens can play full roles in civic and political life. Our democracy should empower people and those they elect to represent them, locally and nationally.


We believe in a society that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Ireland’s lurching from one electoral cycle to another with little regard for a long term view must change. It requires stable public finances and economic development. It needs coherent, long-term community development and planning. It is critical we safeguard our environment for future generations.